Left to Right: Emma, Susie Q, Julia, Ondine Lou & Begbie. Photograph by Jennifer Gauthier.

The New Westminster Record’s Theresa McManus wrote a lovely article about Brick & Mortar Living celebrating five years accompanied by a sweet photo
by Jennifer Gauthier. Unfortunately our Mother, Jenn, and her pup Zoe couldn’t make the photo due to a family emergency back east. The support we have
received from our mother is unparalleled and we owe her everything when it comes to this business. Many thanks to The Record and Theresa for capturing our story and sharing it with their audience!

We encourage you to have a read and support your local news resource!

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BML is on the move once again!

We will be closing shop September 25 – 30 and moving down the street to our new location at 40 & 42 Sixth St.
– just a hop, skip and jump from our current location!
Join us on October 1st (fingers crossed, we’ll keep you posted) when we unveil the new space! Exactly 3 years to the day since our last move, crazy right?!
The landscape in New West is changing and because of that we are making a temporary (yup, there’s more moving in our future) move to make space and allow us some time to evolve for said change. Our little shop’s heart and home is in New West and we are working hard to make sure it stays that way.
We are so thankful for our steadfast customers, local friends and wonderful designers/makers who keep us going each and everyday!
Cheers to this next ‘mini’ chapter in the BML Story!

#bmlnewdigs #onthemove #newwestminster



Closing the Doors at Sixth Street Popup + Gallery

Sixth Street Popup + Gallery will close its doors on Aug 31st 2016. We wish to thank everyone who supported this temporary community gallery, especially those folks that held events or participated in shows. This little gallery is a perfect example of what can be done with a vacant under-utilized retail space.
We have enjoyed the many uses and wonderful events that have been hosted here. The owners of City Point Realty were VERY generous in donating this space to us so that it could benefit the local community. We wish them the VERY best with their new condo development.